The Rex Chapman Show: Dell Curry on Hornets, Steph, LaMelo Ball and more

The Rex Chapman Show: Dell Curry on Hornets, Steph, LaMelo Ball and more

On the debut episode of The Rex Chapman Show, Rex and Josh Hopkins are joined by Rex's former teammate, Dell Curry! The former 16-year pro and longtime Hornet got into a number of topics, including Stephen's rise from a young age to the top of the league today and Seth's shooting prowess, what he likes about LaMelo Ball and more. Time-stamps are below!

2:50​ - The first time Rex met the Curry family.

6:00​ - Stephen Curry as a toddler.

14:10​ - Playing with the great Muggsy Bogues.

21:00​ - Rex discusses the first time he saw Steph play in high school.

24:00​ - When did Dell know his sons would be NBA-level players?

27:30​ - How was growing up in an NBA locker room beneficial for Steph and Seth?

35:30​ - LaMelo Ball's rise as the youngest Ball brother to an NBA star in his rookie season.

41:30​ - Which current NBA players would Rex and Dell want to be?

43:00​ - The Brooklyn Nets and Blake Griffin.

47:40​ - To save your life, who do you want shooting a 3-Pointer when it matters the most?

53:00​ - The first time Rex Chapman gets baptized by Michael Jordan aka Black Jesus, a real welcome to the league moment.

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