The Rex Chapman Show: Steph Curry talks MVP race, hot stretch, upbringing

The Rex Chapman Show: Steph Curry talks MVP race, hot stretch, upbringing

On this episode of "The Rex Chapman Show," Rex Chapman and Josh Hopkins are joined by Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry. Rex and Steph go WAY back -- since Steph was in diapers! They talk about his recent hot streak, whether he deserve this year's MVP award, the Derek Chauvin conviction and much more. Time-stamps are below:

2:30 - Steph talks about the Derek Chauvin conviction and where the country goes from here.

5:15 - How today’s athletes use their platforms to push for social justice, unlike athletes in the past.

9:30 - What is it like being the greatest shooter of all-time?

14:30 - Steph talks about his hand injury, the recovery process and how he managed to overcome it. 

18:30 - Steph’s advice for young players who don’t have freakish athleticism or crazy physical traits.

21:00 - How will the NBA evolve next? Steph also talks about why big men will continue to be important.

24:45 - Steph talks about becoming a household name at Davidson and realizing he could go pro.

31:00 - Getting into the mechanics of Steph's shot, Rex asks when Steph became so prolific at creating his own shot and shooting off the dribble (since he played off-ball until his junior year at Davidson).

33:30 - Steph discusses his relationship with Steve Kerr and how Kerr unlocked the Warriors’ potential.

37:30 - Steph talks about his longevity and staying present to enjoy this incredible stretch.

41:00 - The Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation and Steph’s overall passion for community outreach.

48:00 - How competitive were the childhood matchups between Steph and Seth?

51:45 - Steph shares his favorite movie, and the musician (dead or alive) he’d pay to watch perform.

53:40 - Is Steph the MVP this season?

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