Woj: Lakers to fire Frank Vogel as soon as Monday

Woj: Lakers to fire Frank Vogel as soon as Monday

Frank Vogel has coached his final game for the Los Angeles Lakers, a decision that’s expected to be shared with him as soon as Monday, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. The Lakers’ search is expected to be lengthy and expansive with no clear initial frontrunner.

What makes this latest report from Wojnarowski all the more intriguing is that even though Woj knew about Vogel's firing, apparently Vogel himself did not.

ANALYSIS: Let scapegoat season begin! This probably qualifies as the least surprising NBA news in recent memory. Vogel was a dead man walking the moment the Lakers were eliminated from playoff contention, and odds are, he won't be the last one getting the boot from La La land.

The fact that Woj knew about Vogel's upcoming firing but Vogel himself did not makes the Lakers look much, much worse. In Vogel's case, the one solace he can take from all of this is that it's over.

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