NBA Tweets of the Day: January 6, 2021

NBA Tweets of the Day: January 6, 2021

Each day, scours #NBATwitter to bring you the best tweets from the previous day. Some are insightful, some are just hilarious (so we had to include them).

Without further ado, here are the tweets of the day for January 6, 2021.

Bragging Rights

In our first week of's fantasy basketball league, I have to go toe-to-toe against our very own Alex Kennedy. Luckily for me, I drafted Jarrett Allen and he did not. Sorry, Alex.

Bird’s Eye View

What if point-centers are the future of positionless basketball? What if teams realize that being gigantic means you can see over top of everyone else on the court? What if we just…. cloned Nikola Jokic 30 times and had one on each team?

Every Day is Christmas

Anthony Edwards is the gift that keeps on giving. Everything he says is so unintentionally hilarious, and if basketball, rapping or football don’t work out, he could have a very successful reality TV show where he just… exists. 

New Max Contract, Who Dis?

This is the realistic kind of hope that Jazz fans need for the rest of the season -- never too high and never too low. (Sidenote: I also have Donovan Mitchell on my fantasy team, making this the only reason I will ever root for the Utah Jazz).

Open For A Surprise

Look, if it’s cute, it’s going up here. This kid doesn’t realize how lucky he is. I asked for a Lite-Brite every year of my childhood and here he is, happy as a clam, not knowing there are other NBA teams out there. 

Gorgui on Wheels

I have so many questions. Was he wearing a helmet? Did it have a basket? Can he ride with no hands? Molly, please come on "Dishes and Dimes."

Substitute Teacher Vibes

I can almost guarantee that Gregg Popovich was not present for this portion of the warmups. The baby Spurs are FUN this year. They might even have conversations for the first time in team history. 

In Case You Missed It

This is just to rub it in Alex’s face one more time. 

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