Brian Windhorst on his career, Giannis' future, 2020 free agency and more

Brian Windhorst on his career, Giannis' future, 2020 free agency and more

Alex Kennedy is joined by ESPN's Brian Windhorst. They discuss his sportswriting career, his experience covering LeBron James (who was 14 years old when they met), whether LeBron will finish his career with the Los Angeles Lakers, Giannis Antetokounmpo's future, which NBA franchise will form the next super-team, the 2020 free-agency class and much more. This episode is sponsored by

1:15: Brian shares some advice for aspiring sportswriters and why it's easier to get started today.

5:50: When did Brian realize that he wanted to become a sportswriter?

8:00: Brian discusses how he landed at ESPN. He also shares which other outlets he interviewed with before getting hired by ESPN.

9:40: After primarily writing early in his career, Brian now does TV, radio, podcasts and more. Brian talks about making that transition and his experience working at ESPN.

12:25: Brian, who also attended St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, has covered LeBron James for over 20 years. He tells the story of the first time he met LeBron (who was only 14 years old).

15:50: Once LeBron became a household name, what was it like covering that circus? Also, Brian shares the moment he realized that LeBron would be a top pick in the NBA Draft.

20:10: Brian talks about how LeBron has changed over the years.

26:00: Will LeBron James finish his career with the Los Angeles Lakers?

29:30: Brian shares his current pick to win the championship next season.

30:15: The Lakers may be able to add some talented free agents this offseason since there are so few teams with significant cap space.

31:40: Brian looks ahead at the 2020 free-agency class and what players and storylines he's monitoring.

33:50: Brian said he's looking forward to seeing what happens with the trade market. Could we see Bradley Beal, Victor Oladipo, Jrue Holiday, Chris Paul or some other big names get dealt?

37:55: Will Giannis Antetokounmpo leave the Milwaukee Bucks? What's the latest on his super-max extension talks?

41:20: Which NBA franchise will assemble the next super-team? Brian shares two organizations to keep an eye on.

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