MJ: Jordan Brand 'is most important to me'

MJ: Jordan Brand 'is most important to me'

Michael Jordan did a recent sitdown interview with Cigar Aficionado and discussed a wide range of topics. At one point, he was asked about his favorite business that he is invested in (besides owning the Charlotte Hornets).

"If you look at my portfolio, with all the things I am involved in, my strongest passion outside of the ownership of the Hornets is the Jordan Brand," Jordan said. "Because, to me, I can impact that in a much greater sense, to be able to continually talk to that consumer, interact with that consumer. It’s not a draft, it’s not dependent on the season I had. If I had to pick what is most important to me, it's the Jordan Brand because it is my DNA; it is who I am. The Hornets are a product of the personnel that I assemble. And if it doesn't have that DNA, then you may not get the same results. It's a work in progress with the Hornets. With the Jordan Brand, it is successful because I could impact it."

Source: Cigar Aficionado (YouTube)

ANALYSIS: Jordan has many different businesses that he is invested in, including restaurants, car dealerships and, of course, the Hornets. However, Jordan Brand is his baby. He's had a ton of success with the brand, as it brought in over $3 billion in sales last year, which accounted for 8% of Nike's total sales. 


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