NBA free agency set to start on Dec. 1?

NBA free agency set to start on Dec. 1?

The league’s stated aim is to begin free agency on or before Dec. 1. This would give teams and agents a couple of weeks of runway from when the next year’s cap number is known to when they have to commit to deals for the following season.

Since no execs really want to deal with this stuff on Thanksgiving, and the league probably can dominate the media conversation much better by having free agency happen the following week, my guess is that the starter gun for free agency goes off on the afternoon of Nov. 30. If so, that gives us a nice three-week frenzy to sign players before Christmas, and then everybody has to turn around and get ready for training camp.

Source: John Hollinger of The Athletic

ANALYSIS: Adam Silver has yet to confirm a date for the start of the 2020-21 season, but the expectation is that it will start sometime in January. A lot still has to happen before the season returns, including the draft and free agency.

In order to give players and teams ample time to go through a 'normal' free agency period, Hollinger projects that free agency will open up sometime around December 1. The 2020 NBA Draft is on Nov. 18, which is the next key date on the NBA schedule.

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