NBA Tweets of the Day: January 12, 2021

NBA Tweets of the Day: January 12, 2021

Each day, scours #NBATwitter to bring you the best tweets from the previous day. Some are insightful, some are just hilarious (so we had to include them).

Without further ado, here are the tweets of the day for January 12, 2021.

Deer in the Headlights

It wasn't the most conventional poster of all time, but Aaron Gordon took flight and put it down over the Greek Freak. AG 1, Giannis 0.

Find the Cracks

D'Angelo Russell's Minnesota Timberwolves are having a rough go right now, but they did snap a seven-game skid against the San Antonio Spurs because of beautiful feeds like this one.

The Sunshine State

Wait, this tweet isn't about Kyle Lowry?

Is This a Video Game?

Seriously, the quality of these cameras are... scary. We're already in the future, folks.


Easily the play of the night. Swipa was not to be denied on this play and his yell during the crucial jam let all of us know it.

Fun Guy

Post-retirement Kawhi will probably take up a random sport like tennis in his leisure time. Or maybe golf -- imagine his exuberance after getting a hole-in-one. Simply an amazing picture.

"Off the Grid"

Aren't we all at this point? And while there's nothing wrong with taking some time off to celebrate some family birthdays, there are protocols with the job.

Dean Dean!

Wait, there's a Community NBA Twitter account?! Why did nobody say anything?!

Chino Hills' Finest

This fan mock-up of LaMelo Ball with these backgrounds is as pretty as his full-court pass to Gordon Hayward on Monday night.

Oh, Commisioner

The NBA is doing its best to strengthen the current health and safety protocols to fend off COVID-19, but it's just taking over the league right now. Mr. Silver, there's a whole second-half of a schedule for postponed games. You know, you designed it!

Happy Birthday, X!

What better than a team win, chipping in eight points and blocking two shots to celebrate?

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