Rudy Gobert turning down max offer for desired supermax?

Rudy Gobert turning down max offer for desired supermax?

- Rudy Gobert asked the Jazz to fulfill the supermax contract he is eligible for (35% of cap)

- Jazz responded with an offer of the normal max (28% of cap)

- Gobert's camp turned that offer down

- Two sides have 5 days to agree on an extension

Source: Porter Larsen of ESPN 700

ANALYSIS: Well this is certainly interesting. Considering that Donovan Mitchell just cashed in on his rookie max extension with the Jazz, it looks like Gobert wants to get his pay day as well. The question is, of course, whether or not Utah feels that the big man would be worth such a raise. After all, it's not easy to pay somebody all that money in a center position that has been fading into obsoletion.

There's no doubt that the Jazz aren't the same team without him, however, as you'd be hard-pressed to find someone with the defensive impact he has. It's certainly not an easy situation to navigate, and the clock is ticking on a possible extension. We'll see who gives in.

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