Player picture
F - Iowa
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 225
Wing span: 6'11"
Class: Sophomore
Draft day age: 21.8
Nationality: USA
Roles: Defender, Rebounder, Glue Guy

Keegan Murray has the potential to be a terrific glue guy, and has the tools to be a legitimate NBA prospect. At 6-foot-8 with a 6-foot-11 wingspan, Murray has a high motor and does a lot of the “little things'' that contribute to winning, and he is a terrific defender. Despite shooting an inefficient 29.6% from deep last season, Murray shows promise as a shooter. In addition, his ability to attack close-outs and score from multiple levels lend hope to a greater offensive load. Murray’s development is certainly something to keep a close eye on.

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