Dishes and Dimes: The real problem with MVP voting

Dishes and Dimes: The real problem with MVP voting

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On today's episode, Kelsea and Imman discuss the Conference Finals match-ups, how their beloved Toronto Raptors would've fared if they advanced, the issues with MVP voting, whether Pascal Siakam or Kyle Lowry is Toronto's best player and much more.

:50: Kelsea and Imman break down the Eastern Conference Finals match-up between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat.

3:05: Did the Boston Celtics' locker-room confrontation actually help the team?

6:40: Kelsea and Imman break down the Western Conference Finals match-up between the Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets.

9:10: Discussing Nick Nurse's multi-year contract extension with the Toronto Raptors and how he performed this season.

11:00: Imman discusses some of the Raptors' interesting "what ifs" in recent years.

16:35: Kelsea shares her issues with the NBA's Most Valuable Player voting.

19:00: Pascal Siakam finished 10th in MVP voting. Kelsea and Imman discuss whether Siakam deserved it. Is Siakam even the Raptors' MVP?

27:10: Kelsea and Imman discuss their favorite things about the Raptors' 2019-20 season.

28:35: What will the Raptors do this offseason? What should they do?

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