Danny Green still has yet to receive Raptors' 2019 championship ring

Danny Green still has yet to receive Raptors' 2019 championship ring

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Danny Green is a three-time NBA champion with only two championship rings to show for. The third one is yet to be received by the Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard.

Two years later, still no ring

Green won his first championship with the San Antonio Spurs back in 2014. Five years later, he capped off his one-year stint in Toronto with another league title. He then joined the Los Angeles Lakers and went back-to-back, becoming the sixth player in NBA history to win consecutive NBA rings with two different teams.

But he’s yet to receive one of them.

Green got the one he won with the Lakers the first time he returned to the Staples Center; players that leave a franchise after winning a title are usually presented with their ring the next time they return as a visitor. But two years after leaving the Raptors, the 34-year-old still hasn’t played a road game in Toronto.

During the 2020-21 NBA season, the Raptors played their home games in Tampa Bay. Green preferably wanted to get his ring at Scotiabank Arena, but he was ready to settle on getting it in Tamp Bay due to the circumstances. However, it wasn’t meant to be, as he said on his podcast, "Inside the Green Room."

“Yeah man, it kind of sucks,” Green said on his podcast. “I was ready to just get it in Tampa, but they didn’t have it there so I was like, ‘We waited this long, let’s do it the right way.’

“It seemed like this was going to be the year to do it the right way, but this new variant came along,” Green continued. “Canada is kind of shutting back down again, 50% capacity at the arena. A lot of friends and family are getting COVID. A lot of them would get stuck at the border or get stuck in Canada if they do go. A lot of the people that wanted to be there to support aren’t going to be able to go. A lot of fans won’t be able to attend. So we kind of took a poll, talked to (the Raptors) to see if they wanted to postpone it and they said they would.”

After another missed opportunity yesterday, when the 76ers visited the Raptors — Green was out after entering health and safety protocols last Wednesday.

The next chance for Green to receive his ring

The next chance for him to receive his championship ring will be on April 7. Green, who aspires to be with the Sixers when they return to Toronto, hopes that will be the date for the long-anticipated celebration.

"At that point, the weather will be better," Green said. "Hopefully people can get in and out of the country a little easier. So after doing a short poll with the friends and family, we decided to postpone it, do it the right way and wait a little longer."

Barring any unforeseen setbacks, Green should finally receive his championship ring in the Sixers’ third-to-last game of the season. And he should get it how he always envisioned it — in front of the fans that showed him nothing but support during his one-year stint with the Raptors.

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