Metta World Peace on NBA Finals, coaching hopes, still holding out for Olympics
The Suns are not the best NBA team despite being in the NBA Finals, rookies are not advised to play against veterans at the card table, and as a coach, the player formerly known as Ron Artest wants to teach youngsters to run, gun and dive on the floor. And that is not all. Metta World Peace, in this podcast with veteran NBA writer Chris Sheridan, says not only does he feel bad that he was left off the U.S. Olympics team at the peak of his career in 2004, he's still willing to play as a 12th man or even be the water boy for a U.S. Olympic team, something he will not get a chance to do again until the 2024 Games are contested in Paris in three years. In the meantime, we will all have this classic podcast to keep us entertained. Metta has teamed up with DraftKings for the NBA Finals where he’ll be actively betting against the public on every game. Wherever most of the bets are going, Metta is going the other way, and DraftKings will even boost the public’s bet. It’s Metta Vs The World! Check it out at DraftKings. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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