Episode 8- Scott Drew
On this episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, Baylor Bears head coach Scott Drew stops by to talk about winning the national title, growing up in a basketball family, the future of recruiting in NCAA, and what Baylor fans can expect out of next year's recruiting class. The Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins is powered by BasketballNews.com and produced by NC Podcasts 01:30: How does it feel to be the champ? 02:00: Being Homer Drew's son, better to be Bryce's brother 05:30: Bryce Drew's infamous shot 13:00: Finally getting to the top of the mountain after everything Baylor had been through. 18:00: Thoughts on Gonzaga and the cancelled game on 12/5/20 19:00: Making Baylor Hoops a family environment 21:00: Rebuilding Baylor Hoops from the brink of the death penalty 27:00: How Scott Drew constructed the national champion team 37:00: Basketball & Life lesson that he took from his Dad/Valparaiso 40:00: His natural passion for basketball & how does he unwind or get away from hoops 42:00: We find out some of Scott's passions outside of basketball 44:30: The landscape of College Hoops over the next decade. 48:30: Baylor's incoming recruiting class Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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