Kenny Mayne on his time at ESPN, March Madness, how to watch sports like a pro, supporting veterans
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by Kenny Mayne, of ESPN fame and his latest project supporting veterans with Run Freely. After a storied career at ESPN, what has Kenny been up to, and how does he watch sports now with the NCAA Tournament and NBA seasons in full swing? Where did Kenny find his persona and become such an original voice for the biggest sports broadcasts on the planet? 2:15 - How has Kenny enjoyed the NCAA Tournament and with such a unique Final Four with a bunch of first time teams? 7:30 - How Kenny got his big break in broadcast media and began to forge his path to ESPN 12:00 - Was Kenny always the funny guy growing up or did it come naturally when broadcasting? 13:30 - Where Kenny found his voice, and jokes that he would be able to use on Sportscenter.  16:00 - Much like a comedian, Kenny would figure out how to use humor in his everyday life and on the air. The important part was to never warn anyone before you try out a joke during a broadcast. 20:00 - How Kenny's confidence, writing and execution as a journalist landed him his dream role at ESPN, even if he didn't know every single player on the Chicago Cubs' roster. 22:30 - After having to give up his dreams of being a professional QB, when did Kenny make the decision that broadcasting was in his future? 25:00 - Kenny talks about his ankle injury and getting $10 from the NFL before ending his professional football career 31:30 - It was almost an accident that Kenny ended up in sports, as someone working in local news in Washington, it turned out that going to Huskies' games and Sonics' games were more fun than going to city council meetings. 36:00 - Kenny's interview process at ESPN was a little unique as someone not quite as strong on sports trivia as some of the other broadcasters. 44:45 - How were the Runnin Rebels basketball team while Kenny was at UNLV? Graduating in 1980, Kenny was right between the dominant teams of the 70's and the late 80's-early 90's. 48:00 - What Kenny's great work with Run Freely is all about. Taking one of the hardest times in his life with the ankle injury and turning it into a positive story, while helping those that have served our country. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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