Episode 7 - Stephen Curry

On a special episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, Steph Curry joins the guys as he's in the middle of one of the greatest scoring streaks in NBA History. How much credit is Steph about to give Rex Chapman for molding him into the multiple NBA Champion and unanimous MVP? A lot to cover with Steph including what he's doing on the floor plus his reaction to the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin. 2:30 - Steph says there's still more progress to be made but following the guilty conviction of Derek Chauvin, this country can begin to understand accountability, and seek justice for every community. 5:15 - How the generational changes have allowed athletes to use their platforms to work towards justice, when others couldn't in years past. 9:30 - Not wanting to jinx Steph in the middle of his incredible stretch as of late, Josh has to ask what it's like being the greatest shooter in NBA history? 14:30 - How Steph's hand injury affected not just his play on the court, and what it's taken for him to come back to an MVP level. 18:30 - The type of work Steph puts in and the advice he has for other basketball players that like him aren't gifted with physical traits like LeBron James. 21:00 - Where Steph sees the future of the NBA headed, and why he still believes you need big men on the floor, even against the Warriors. 24:45 - How Steph Curry became a household name at Davidson, and when he finally realized he had potential playing in the NBA. 31:00 - Getting into the mechanics of Steph's shooting, Rex asks when Steph became so prolific at shooting off the dribble after he was an off-ball shooter up until his junior year at Davidson. 33:30 - The relationship with Steve Kerr that has flourished into multiple MVP seasons and NBA Titles for the Golden State Warriors. How did Steve Kerr take a great team and unlock their full potential? 37:30 - How Steph has focused on enjoying basketball and perfecting his craft, while tuning out the uncertainty of his longevity, and the injuries to his teammates that have ultimately made the Warriors younger. 41:00 - The rewarding work Steph and Ayesha have done with the Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation and their overall passion for community outreach. 48:00 - The Curry family bond and basketball, with his brother Seth, and his teammate/brother-in-law Damion Lee. Just how competitive were the childhood matchups between Steph and Seth? 

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