Sklar Brothers on MTV/ESPN Shows, Getting Into Comedy, Love of Sports

On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hokpins, the guys are joined by Randy and Jason, the Sklar Brothers! Looking back on their time on MTV, ESPN and so many other TV shows and movies, the guys talk about how they got into comedy, and where their life's work is following the success at Cheap Seats.

5:00 - When did the Sklar Brothers realize they were funny, and more importantly, funny together?

8:30 - How easy was it growing up and playing sports when you always had someone to play with?

14:00 - At the same time, being together all the time led to a lot of fights, but the key was to never hold a grudge.

16:00 - Draymond Green punching Jordan Poole

17:30 - As twins, what's the difference between relying on each other vs depending on each other?

24:00 - How did the Sklar Brothers end up at the University of Michigan, and then have a pilot on MTV just a couple years later?

33:30 - After 35 years of performing comedy, the Sklar brothers describe how they still get nerves before getting on stage.

39:00 - The Sklars describe the launch of Cheap Seats on ESPN, and how they were able to create the kind of show they always wanted.

48:00 - When you're striving for success, you have to be able to face a little conflict in order to achieve what you set out to do.

55:00 - There's a unique closeness that twins have, but those kinds of bonds can exist between anyone. You can be the same age, growing up in St Louis with the Sklar Brothers, and be able to tell the same stories and share those memories.

1:11:00 - Why Nikola Jokic is the Sklar Brothers' MVP.

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