Los Angeles Angels host Roger Lodge on basketball, 'Blind Date,' acting, more
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by the great Roger Lodge! The former Blind Date host and current Angels broadcaster shares his story of how he became an actor, after growing up a sports fanatic. After running around Hollywood for so many years with his best friend, John Stamos, it seems like Roger Lodge has never had a bad day in his life! 9:00 - Forget Rex's basketball career, Josh and Roger share war stories from the NBA Entertainer's League in Hollywood. 10:00 - What are the keys to being a great shooter? Roger talks about how he grew up playing basketball and what he's learned from the elite basketball players over the years. 13:30 - How many nights did Roger spend his childhood with a basketball in his hand, just trying to figure out what was going on in his life? 17:00 - Roger Lodge started wearing baggy shorts before everyone else in 1980, facing the Georgia Bulldogs, and the decided to get into broadcasting 19:30 - Roger spent his childhood in his step dad's station wagon driving out to see every great team in Southern California, including John Wooden's Bruins, at the height of UCLA's dominant win streak. 20:30 - Roger attends Wooden's practice and realizes there's no secret formula to his success. Just hard work. 22:00 - Roger talks about how his best friend, John Stamos, helped convince him to pursue acting, and how their relationship blossomed both on set and as roommates for over a dozen years. 26:00 - What in Roger's early life as an athlete prepared him for his life's work in acting and as the host of Blind Date? 34:00 - How many seasons did it take for Blind Date to devolve into a bunch of drunk people starving for attention? 39:00 - Where did Roger get his knack for broadcasting and hosting? He's been preparing pretty much his whole life. His goal was to become the Johnny Carson of Sports. 49:30 - LeBron has broken the all-time scoring record, and the Lakers have made some trade deadline acquisitions. Are they primed for a playoff run in the 2nd half? 53:00 - Roger shares front row center stories, he's sitting with Stamos and Larry Bird admits he watches General Hospital "Aren't You Supposed to be In Jail?" 56:30 - Rex shares some of his favorite stories about Roger's favorite player of all time, Pistol Pete Maravich. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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