15-year NBA veteran Kendall Gill on ‘90s Hornets, Chicago’s basketball scene, Bulls broadcasting
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by Rex's former teammate, Kendall Gill. The Illinois native has returned to Chicago after his 15-year NBA career, now calling games for the Chicago Bulls. How did life in Chicago and Champaign help mold him into the man he is today? There are some classic moments the guys share from those early 90's Hornets. 9:30 - The former teammates and roommates circle back on their time together with the Charlotte Hornets. 12:30 - What were the first impressions from when Rex and Kendall first met each other? 17:30 - How Kendall's experience of fighting for his spot at Illinois is almost unheard of in college basketball today. 24:00 - How special those Illini Teams were, and how the Final Four loss to Michigan stays with Kendall to this day. 30:00 - Where did Kendall discover his passion for Boxing, and how did he make the decision to go pro after his NBA career? 35:30 - On the Charlotte Hornets, there was no bigger star than Muggsy Bogues. Kendall and Rex trade stories from those young, talented Hornets teams. 36:00 - Muggsy Was the Floor General, calling everyone honey as they ran up and down the court. 37:00 - Why Kendall blames himself for getting traded to Seattle and why it felt so good being immortalized as a Charlotte Hornet for life. 44:30 - LeBron ranks at least 3rd and here's why Michael Jordan is the GOAT Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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