Hall-of-Famer Tim Hardaway on his NBA career, how Chicago became a hoops hotbed, teaching his son
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by Hall of Fame Member Class of 2022, Tim Hardaway. After a long career, Tim looks back on growing up in Chicago and why it's been a hotbed of NBA talent. Now as a parent of an NBA star, he talks about teaching the game of basketball to the next generation. 11:00 - Rex and Tim talk about joining forces in Miami and the incredible night Rex had against Michael Jordan and the Bulls. 12:45 - It was unusual to have a scoring point guard until Tim Hardaway came into the NBA. How did he balance being a scorer vs a facilitator for his teammates? 16:00 - Who does Rex think is the best comparison in the NBA right now for Tim Hardaway? 19:00 - Tim compares playing for Pat Riley in Miami to when he entered the league with the Warriors, with Run TMC. 23:00 - Tim discusses growing up on the South Side of Chicago, and talks about the heated rivalries with the West Side. 26:45 - Top 5 South side vs West Side Chicago Basketball OUT - Josh "I Admire you trying to answer it" 31:00 - When did Tim Hardaway get the basketball bug? It goes back to watching his Dad, a Chicago playground legend. 41:30 - What were some of the core memories Tim had as a kid growing up? It was always playing some kind of ball, whether that was basketball, football baseball, or soccer. 49:50 - Tim remembers Benji Wilson, and the tragedy around his murder. It was as if the President of Chicago had been killed. 52:30 - How did Tim Hardaway end up at the University of Texas El Paso? It's a pretty far way from Chicago. 56:00 - Once he made the NBA, Tim had to put the teams on notice that passed on him that it would be their biggest mistake. 48:30 - Where would the NBA be today without Tim Hardaway's crossover? 49:30 - The origin story of the UTEP Two Step 55:00 - Is it more gratifying or difficult having a son playing in the NBA? What would Dad have done if he had Jr's height? 55:00 - Tim "If I was 6-foot-6 I would be an MVP every year" Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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