Scott Padgett talks about winning a championship at Kentucky, transition to coaching, more
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by Kentucky National Champion and now Assistant to the Head Coach at Mississippi State, Scott Padgett. Scott talks about earning his spot on the basketball team under Rick Pitino and winning a Championship with Tubby Smith. How did playing for those two legendary coaches lead him down a path to become a coach himself? 5:30 - Will be rooting for Kentucky for every game except one, and now he wants to beat them. 6:30 - How many kids growing up as Kentucky fans end up going to play basketball at Kentucky? According to Rex, not too many, but Scott Padgett was one of them. 7:30 - Scott was dying to get Rex's autograph for his "Cat Paws" program book 15:00 - As a talented athlete growing up playing all kinds of sports, why did Scott stick with basketball? 18:30 - When did Scott realize he was seriously being recruited by Rick Pitino and Kentucky? 25:30 - After a tough adjustment to college during his freshman year, Scott recognized he would have to earn his spot back on the Kentucky basketball team. 31:30 - Scott nearly left Kentucky and even enrolled at Louisville, at least until Coach Pitino found out. OUT - "I almost died" 36:30 - As a lifelong Kentucky fan, where does his Elite 8 game-winner or cutting the nets down compare to winning games in the NBA? 44:30 - Where did Scott find the confidence as a shooter, especially in those big moments with the game on the line? 54:30 - Kentucky now has a 2nd generation of Padgetts, with his son on the football team. Scott shares what it's like as a Dad watching his kids pursue their own athletic dreams. 59:30 - The guys recall each of their stories meeting the great Muhammad Ali Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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