NCAA Basketball analyst Clark Kellogg on playing at Ohio State, transition to broadcasting
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by CBS Sports College Basketball Analyst, Clark Kellogg. After being one of the best players in the country at Ohio State, he talks about his transition from the NBA to television. It's not too surprising, that with his dedication to his craft, Kellogg has become one of the best voices in all of college basketball. 7:00 - Where did Clark's iconic free throw routine come from? Rex admits it's his favorite part of his game from back in the day. 10:00 - After all these years, Clark looks back on his basketball career and says the biggest disappointment was losing the State High School Championship game. His 51 points remains an Ohio record to this day. 13:30 - How did Clark make an immediate impact on the court in both college and the NBA? It wasn't easy separating himself from the rest of the Class of 1979, one of the best recruiting classes ever. 20:30 - For everyone that only knows Clark as a TV guy, Rex and Josh have to remind them about how his NBA career ended short, and how he made that transition off the court. 29:00 - How did Clark become one of the best voices in all of college basketball? His broadcasting career began in the booth, and with his faith, his life found purpose once again after his playing career ended. 37:00 - As one of the leading voices in college basketball, what is Clark's opinion on Name, Image and Likeness and how it has changed the landscape of college athletics? 47:00 - Clark looks at the Kentucky Wildcats and the rest of the landscape in college basketball right now. Who are the teams Clark will be talking about come the NCAA Tournament? 56:00 - Clark shares his relationship with another friend of the show, Seth Davis. How has their mutual love for basketball kept the friendship strong after all these years? 57:00 - The origin of spurtability and the 1996 Wildcats Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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