Episode 6- Jamal Mashburn
On the latest episode of "The Rex Chapman Show," Rex and Josh Hopkins chat with former Kentucky legend and NBA All-Star Jamal Mashburn! While Rex and Mash catch up about the great times they had in Lexington and in the NBA, Josh feels like a kid again being on with two of his favorite Kentucky legends. The Rex Chapman Show is Produced by @NCPodcasts Follow Jamal Mashburn on Twitter @JamalMashburn 320 - Kentucky Superfan Josh Hopkins gets to geek out about being able to talk to Rex and Mash at the same time. 56:15 - The first time Mash met Rex and what Rex did for him that helped mold him into a better basketball player. 11:20 - Rex describes returning to Kentucky after he left for the NBA, and Mash's arrival that resurrected the program from probation. 13:10 - Mash says it didn't take very long for him to make a decision to go to Kentucky and play for Rick Pitino.  21:10 - Mash's relationship with Pitinio, and how they remain close friends and business partners to this day. 26:00 - Growing up outside of Rucker Park in the Bronx, and then arriving to Lexington, KY and having Richie Farmer for a teammate. 39:30 - How boxing wasn't the right fit for a young Jamal Mashburn, and how he gravitated to basketball for the rest of his life. 42:30 - Losing to Duke on Christian Laettner's miracle shot, and how Mash looks back on it now years later and the legacy of the Unforgettables. 56:00 - The Three Jays: Did Toni Braxton really keep from Mash, Jim Jackson, Jason Kidd and the Mavericks from winning an NBA Championship? 1:01:30 - How did playing for the Miami Heat prepare you for your final stop in Charlotte, which included an All-Star season. What did Pat Riley teach him about more than just basketball. 1:08.00 - The Mashburns and Pitinos are multi-generational, with Mash's son joining Richard Pitino at Minnesota and now, New Mexico. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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