NBA All-Star Larry Johnson on Grandmama, playing at UNLV, back surgery changing his game, more
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by 2x NBA All-Star and Grandmama himself, Larry Johnson. Rex's former teammate in Charlotte for 3 whole months, Larry talks about his time with one of the greatest college teams ever at UNLV and how he had to change his game after undergoing back surgery. 3:45 - Rex recalls the first time he met Larry Johnson at the USA basketball trials, and LJ admits he was a bit star struck seeing Rex Chapman for the first time. 5:45 - Growing up in Dallas, TX, Larry says he was a football player who ultimately picked basketball. He says he can still throw the football today. 9:10 - Larry talks about meeting Stacey Augmon, and figuring out that UNLV would be the right place for him to transfer out of UNLV. 11:50 - After being the star of one of the most famous college basketball teams of all time, Larry talks about how important paying the student athletes is now. 16:50 - How soon after arriving on campus at UNLV did LJ recognize this was the best team in the country?  21:00 - When Duke and UNLV met for the first time, LJ mentions a surprise guest that provided the pre-game pep talk that gave them the confidence to blow out the Blue Devils by 30. 23:40 - When it came to the rematch, LJ admitted he didn't give it his all, and Duke came in wanting to avenge their loss from the year before. 27:30 - How getting snubbed by SMU motivated LJ to continue his pursuit of playing professional basketball. 33:30 - What is the origin story of Grandmama, and how Larry Johnson ended up at Converse, because UNLV was a Nike school. 43:00 - How did Larry change his game after injuring his back? One of the most athletic players in the NBA had to completely change how he played overnight. He might have been an even better fit in today's game. 49:00 - What were those pickup games like on the set of Space Jam? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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