NBA veteran Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf on his new memoir, refusing to stand for the national anthem
On this edition of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by former NBA veteran, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. Two decades before NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during "The Star-Spangled Banner," it was Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf who refused to stand for the national anthem. In his new memoir, "In The Blink Of An Eye," he tells of his drive and success in the sport, but that his principles came first. 04:00 - The first time Rex and Mahmoud met in the NBA 05:30 - Growing up in Mississippi 10;15 - Mahmoud was discovered on the playground 15:00 - Mahmoud meets Dale Brown for the first time 20:00 - Josh remembers going to watch LSU v Kentucky when Mahmoud was playing 23:00 - Mahmoud grew up with Tourette Syndrome but wasn't diagnosed until age 17, his symptoms actually caused him to practice harder 35:00 - Mahmoud wrote a 24 page story about Dr. J and carried it around with him. 38:45 - Mahmoud was Steph Curry before Steph Curry, and he was Colin Kaepernick before Colin Kaepernnick 52:00 - Traveling as a basketball player to play in different countries really opened up Mahmoud's mind to how people are treated in America. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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