NCAA Hoops insider Jeff Goodman on Kentucky Wildcats, how he got into journalism as a kid, more
You can follow Jeff on Twitter and Instagram @GoodmanHoops. On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by College Hoops Insider Jeff Goodman for the latest from the hardwood, plus what got him into journalism. 4:30 - Jeff describes the love/hate relationship he has with the Kentucky Wildcat fanbase. 7:00 - Growing up in Massachusetts, Jeff admits that his favorite NBA player growing up was Andrew Toney, who with the 76ers, always killed the Celtics. 10:00 - Jeff recalls conducting his first interview with NBA players as a teenager. He convinced James Worthy and Michael Cooper into calling his parents' answering machine, and even though he hadn't hit puberty yet, Jeff knew this is what he wanted to do. 14:30 - Jeff brings up meeting Josh on the set of Cougartown, and all Josh wanted to talk about was which recruits the Kentucky Wildcats were getting. 29:00 - Jeff speaks to the tough position he's in as a recruiting insider and analyst, and why his relationship with a number of coaches including John Calipari have been contentious. He is a University of Arizona alum and they don't even like him there. 38:00 - How Jeff ended up at the University or Arizona, and how someone who didn't play a lot of high level basketball was able to evaluate the best college players in the country. 43:30 - Josh and Jeff are living the dream, hosting podcasts with their heroes. 45:00 - Jeff recalls his first time meeting Derek Smith, and just how special of a person he was. It's been no surprise to anyone just how successful his son Nolan has been at Louisville. 49:00 - The 2022-23 Season is defined as "The Year of The Big". Jeff goes over a number of the exciting coaching hires for the upcoming year. 56:30 - Why are the Kentucky Wildcats the #7 team in the country according to Jeff Goodman? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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