Jemele Hill on upcoming memoir 'Uphill,' Serena Williams’ greatness, Muhammad Ali, ESPN, more
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by Jemele Hill, the incredible journalist, producer and podcaster. What in life gave Jemele the ability to ask the difficult questions and to continue to push the envelope? From an early age, Jemele had a passion for writing and for sports, and it has evolved so much to get to this point. 6:00 - The former CNN+ colleagues talked about their short time together, and what lessons were learned after things came to an end so abruptly. 12:00 - Jemele grew up playing all kinds of sports, excelling at baseball and softball. All while discovering her passions for reading, writing and journalism. 19:00 - While reflecting on all of their upbringings, Jemele comments on the public education she received and the strong sense of identity she received coming from Detroit. 23:30 - Fast forward to today, and how important it is to restrict what is being taught in schools and banning books is just so confusing to people that are seeking out knowledge. 26:00 - Jemele talks about meeting one of the most beloved people from Kentucky, Muhammad Ali. 29:30 - The state of today's media is no longer participating in the very oath Jemele took when she became a newspaper writer all those years ago: "To Comfort the Afflicted, and Afflict The Comfortable." 39:00 - Despite what our country has been through over the last few years, Jemele still has faith in a number of bright spots in traditional media that provide plenty of hope for the future. 42:30 - Jemele previews her forthcoming memoir "Uphill" and discusses the adversity she went through, and felt should be in her own words. 51:00 - What was going through Jemele's mind watching Serena Williams step away from tennis? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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