Former MLB pitcher LaTroy Hawkins on playing against Michael Jordan, current state of baseball
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by former MLB pitcher LaTroy Hawkins. After playing more than 20 years in the bigs, LaTroy has stayed in baseball, as a special assistant with the Minnesota Twins. He discusses where the game of baseball is today, plus what could have been if he stuck with basketball over baseball. 10:00 - LaTroy discusses life growing up in Gary, Indiana and what he learned about working for everything you have. 13:00 - What was it about baseball that made LaTroy want to pursue being a professional? Some advice from his grandfather helped him stay committed to the sport. 19:30 - On the basketball court, LaTroy Hawkins was one of the best players in Gary, but then Big Dog Glenn Robinson hit his growth spurt and became Indiana's Mr Basketball. 20:00 - Rex on Big Dog Glenn Robinson and his jump shot.... "and I should know because I don't [play defense] either." 22:30 - After LaTroy was signed by the Twins, he discussed when baseball really started to click. While battling in the minors, he felt he could really be a pro player. 29:00 - After growing up idolizing Michael Jordan, LaTroy talks about playing against him when he was in the minor leagues with the Birmingham Barons.  30:10 - LaTroy goes out of his way to meet Michael Jordan in Birmingham "...oh cool I had some girls in Gary, Indiana" 35:30 - LaTroy recalls what it was like getting the call to The Show, and why coming off the 1994 strike season created a unique set of circumstances for him. 40:00 - How the transition from starter to relief pitcher worked for LaTroy, while others would feel like it would be some kind of demotion. 44:00 - For most professional athletes, they want to retire on their own terms, and when they feel like they could still do it. For LaTroy, he made that decision at 42 years old, after 21 years in the Bigs. He could even throw a 96 MPH fastball! 51:00 - One of LaTroy's best friends with the Twins, Pat Mahomes, was so excited to share being a father with him. The story of how LaTroy became the godfather to Patrick Mahomes II. 57:30 - What kind of mindset did LaTroy have when he was on the mound and it was 1-on-1 with so many of those great hitters of the 90's and 00's? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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