Hall-of-Fame RB Eric Dickerson on Rams' Super Bowl, NFL career, his new book 'Watch My Smoke'
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by Pro Football Hall of Fame Running Back Eric Dickerson. There's so much Eric has accomplished both on and off the field, that gave him the inspiration for him to write "Watch My Smoke." Still living in Los Angeles, Eric is just one of the many Rams fans celebrating the Super Bowl Championship. 7:00 - Josh is losing his mind, sitting down with his two all-time idols: Rex Chapman and Eric Dickerson. You even get the tour of his childhood bedroom, covered in their posters. 9:00 - Josh shows off his poster collection, including Rex Chapman and Eric Dickerson 13:00 - Going back to Eric's childhood, he found out his identity not only on the football field, but he also found out he was adopted. How did those two moments in his life mold him into the man he would become? 15:00 - Eric remembers signing up for football, and in his first game he scored 6 Touchdowns. He was hooked on football ever since. 21:00 - It's his rookie season, and Eric has his "Welcome to the NFL Moment." Josh remembers watching one of the iconic Eric Dickerson touchdowns when he was 12 years old. 24:30 - As the Number 1 player in the country coming out of high school in 1979, his recruitment story is unlike anything you've ever heard before. He wanted to go to Oklahoma, but as a Texas boy, he decided to stay closer to home, ultimately going to SMU. 30:00 - How Eric Dickerson ended up at SMU, after pulling his commitment from Texas A&M (his mom convincing him to go to SMU) 33:00 - The famed gold Trans A&M, and how the story of that car followed Eric for the last 40 years. 38:00 - It took decades for SMU to finally welcome back Eric Dickerson and Craig James after the school received the death penalty. While it was great to be invited back, Eric still wonders why it took so long. 40:30 - Looking back on his own experience in college, Eric says Name Image and Likeness was a long time coming, and the student athletes deserve to be given some kind of compensation beyond the scholarship for what they put into their programs. 45:00 - The biggest impact NIL can provide for student athletes is giving them the means to take care of themselves and provide financial literacy. Eric and Rex both recall their first paycheck and wondering why they were losing money to taxes. 49:00 - Was going to the pros easy for Eric? He joined the Rams and immediately began setting rushing records that still haven't been broken. 51:00 - When Eric first recognized he was in the NFL, and what that felt like being in a professional football game. 58:00 - The NFL still has a number of great running backs, but Eric explains why no one will ever break his single-season rushing record. 1:01:00 - Coming off the Super Bowl Championship for the LA Rams, Eric is thrilled with how they've come together, and how important the title was for the city. Bottom line, he just wants his team to win. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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