NFL star Willie Colon on winning a Super Bowl, transitioning to media, playing for Jets and Steelers
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by Super Bowl Champion Willie Colon. After a career in the NFL, protecting Ben Roethlisberger and other QB greats, Willie made the transition to joining the media. He lets the guys in on all the fun that goes on as a radio talk show host, still keeping close tabs on all sports. 7:30 - Willie describes playing all kinds of sports growing up in the Bronx, and when it came to football, he almost missed his calling after missing his first freshman practice. 13:00 - Willie took to football quickly, but how was he as a leader? He allowed his courageous play on the football field to speak for him, with the team following his example. 18:00 - Willie describes what it was like being bigger than everyone else, and how that translates into NFL success. That said, it took a long time before Willie realized he could be a professional football player. 25:30 - How important was staying close to home for Willie when making his college decision?  30:50 - Willie had multiple "Welcome To The NFL" moments because when you're drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers, you learn not only about the proud tradition, but the high expectations that come with it. 37:50 - Willie melting when he finds out he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers 43::50 - Willie talks about the transition from Bill Cowher to Mike Tomlin, which is a big deal for a Steelers organization that only has had 3 coaches since 1966. 49:50 - Life after football is keeping Willie busy, touching on his Foundation as well as his sports bar which you can visit in his neighborhood. 1:06:00 - Willie on Deshaun Watson's 6-GM Suspension Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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