Hall-of-Fame coach Gary Williams on Bill Russell, Maryland teams, 2002 NCAA Championship run
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by Naismith Hall of Famer and former Maryland Coach Gary Williams. It's been 20 years since the 2002 National Championship, and looking back on his success on the sidelines, the guys ask Gary about what it took for him to reach that pinnacle, with stories along the way. 11:00 - Following the passing of Bill Russell, Gary touches on what made him special both on and off the court.  13:10 - Gary will always remember the impact Bill Russell made in advancing civil rights, and defending Muhammad Ali when everyone else wanted the champ in jail. 16:45 - Gary recalls the first time he spoke to Bill Russell as a "young man", and the piece of rebounding advice that to this day he never forgot. 18:30 - When did Gary realize he was going to be a basketball lifer? Even when Billy Cunningham may have put an end to his dreams of being an NBA player, there was always coaching. 24:30 - Rex remembers moving to DC to play with the Bullets and moving in next door to Gary Williams. At the time, Gary said the only job he would have left Ohio State was to return to his alma mater, even with the probation. 29:30 - A decade later, Gary had Maryland in back to back Final Fours, including the 2002 National Championship. What was it about building those teams that made an NCAA Title possible? 36:00 - Gary describes Steve Francis arriving on campus. How soon from when he got there, did Gary realize how special he was? 40:30 - While recruiting Kevin Durant, there was another player that caught Gary Williams' attention. What was it about Greivis Vasquez that made him become one of the best Maryland players of all time? 42:00 - There was no one more impactful for Maryland than Juan Dixon. Gary talks about the fight and passion he played with in games, and in practice, that laid the foundation for the National Championship run. 48:30 - Gary looks back on Mike Krzyzewski's career and says there is no Duke program without his accomplishments. 52:00 - How Name, Image and Likeness has changed the landscape of college athletics, and Gary can recall 35 years ago trying to make inroads to allow more incentive for players to play for the NCAA. 57:00 - While he's retired, Gary is still thinking about how the game has evolved, and some changes he'd like to curb to see more fundamentals and less 3-pointers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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