Gus Johnson on his legendary play-by-play career, living life to the fullest
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by legendary play-by-play voice Gus Johnson. Over his storied career, Gus gives his perspective on living life to the fullest and bringing passion and energy for everything beyond calling games. 7:20 - Right off the jump, Rex and Josh have to tap into Gus's connections to Kentucky Basketball. 11:00 - Gus admits that sports were an escape for him growing up in Detroit, before finding his true calling in the broadcast booth. 15:00 - As a Detroit native and lifelong fan, no athlete will mean more to Gus Johnson than Isiah Thomas. He even got into fights arguing over Isiah Thomas. 22:45 - Gus describes making that transition from athlete to sports broadcaster. He said it was immediate that he fell head-over-heels in love. 26:30 -Gus says he is where he is today because of Bryant Gumbel, and his Mom had a crush on him too. 38:00 - Gus explains why he calls games with plenty of gusto, and even if others say he's over the top, he understands what he's bringing to so many athletes every time he calls a game. Every game is a historical piece, and Gus considers himself a sports historian. 49:30 - Gus goes back to his days calling Knicks games, and says Patrick Ewing helped him succeed and reach the pinnacle of his career. 50:30 -Gus did whatever he could to get that interview with Patrick Ewing on his first day with the Knicks 55:00 - Josh has to ask about a few of Gus's iconic moments from the broadcast booth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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