Bob Costas discusses Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, crazy ABA stories, more
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by legendary broadcaster Bob Costas. One of the most accomplished men in all of broadcasting, Bob discusses how his career got started in St Louis, and where some of his favorite stops have been along the way. Bob goes into great detail about some of his most memorable people and places that remain with him after all these years.  4:00 - For Rex, Bob will always be the voice of the Spirits of St Louis. For all the guys that were a part of the ABA, including Rex's father, it will always be a fraternity. 6:40 - Thinking of his own nickname, Boy Wonder, Rex asks Bob about how he was so accomplished, so fast. Bob talks about his big break with KMOX from when he was at Syracuse University.  12:30 - A decade ago, Bob used his platform to discuss the tragic story of Jovan Belcher and how it reflected on the gun culture in our country. How does Bob find perspective after these events seem to happen over and over again? 26:00 - Bob speaks to how special Muhammad Ali both in and outside the boxing ring. He remains one of Bob's favorite athletes ever for who he was as a principled and disciplined man. 37:30 - In a life spent in the front row of some of the greatest events of all time, Bob says some of the moments that will always look back on is his conversation with Paul McCartney, Michael Jordan's final shot with the Bulls and Kirk Gibson's Walk off Home Run. 45:00 - After hearing of the passing of Ray Liotta, and remembering Field of Dreams, the guys discuss classic baseball movies, and Bob's most recent trip to Dyersville, IA. 54:00 - Rex has to know when Bob figured out he had a gift for articulating his thoughts, and when it all seemed to click with sports. 56:30 - What advice does Bob have for any up and coming broadcasters, and how the great ones found their voice? 1:08:00 - Josh has always had this vision of Bob Costas and Billy Crystal sharing a drink in New York. Not only did that happen, but they had Mickey Mantle with them. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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