Jay Bilas on playing for Coach K, NIL deals, the future of college sports
On the latest episode of The Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by another Dukie: the great ESPN analyst, Jay Bilas. On the heels of Coach K's Last Dance, Jay discusses the impact Mike Krzyzewski had on his life (both on and off the court). There's no one better equipped to discuss the NCAA’s changing landscape with Name, Image and Likeness deals, and Jay breaks down the future of college sports. 1:30 - How did Jay end up at Duke all the way from California? It came down to the best recruiting pitch, which came from Mike Krzyzewski who at that time had the least success among his top candidates.  5:30 - Jay never felt he was one of the best players on the court, and it wasn't until later on in high school when he started to believe in his ability and how far it could take him. 7:15 - It's 1982 and Jay steps on campus at Duke University. What was so special about that #1 recruiting class, and what did Mike Krzyzewski do to assemble all that talent? 9:15 -Jay Bilas having to play against Ralph Sampson was like facing your Dad in the Driveway 13:00 - When did Jay discover he was gifted behind the microphone? It actually goes all the way back to high school, without even knowing it would be in his future. 15:30 -Jay Bilas, the secret he kept from all his friends. He was a competitive dancer. 18:00 - The impact Jay Bilas has made on a huge platform like ESPN. What has been the one thing throughout his decades on the network, as he's grown his voice, that he has always been conscious of?  21:30 - Name, Image and Likeness changed the landscape of college sports, so how has Jay viewed the NCAA's reaction to the end of amateur athletics? 25:00 - While the NCAA has stood by and let this all happen, the goal posts have been moved from amateurism to employment. How can these institutions remain in control while the athletes are finally recognizing they are the reason why revenue continues to go up? 32:30 - The NCAA will need a new President with Mark Emmert stepping down, but Jay has to ask, Do you want to take over the Titanic after it hit the iceberg? 36:00 - It's still a bit of a shock that Mike Krzyzewski is finally stepping down, 40 years after Jay stepped on Duke's campus to play for him. There's so much Coach K has shown him over their decades long relationship, including one moment that took place right after Christian Laettner hit The Shot, that Jay will never forget. 41:45 - What is the outlook for the Kentucky Wildcats after they had a disappointing finish in the NCAA Tournament against St Peter's? 46:30 - How the Kentucky's and Duke's continue to recruit the best classes year after year, and how that changes with free transfers and the threat of declaring early for the NBA. 51:00 - Who are the next generation of great coaches after watching Coach K and Jay Wright retire after this past season? 52:45 - If Jay Bilas had the first pick in the NBA Draft, who would he take between Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith or Paolo Banchero? 58:30 - Why is it only in basketball we have to debate which era had the best players? The game has never been better, with more talented players. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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