4-Time NBA champion Will Perdue on Bulls’ dynasty, Michael Jordan, 2022 NBA Playoffs, more

On the latest episode of The Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by 4-time NBA Champion Will Perdue, who was a key piece during the Bulls' first 3-peat. Will discusses his NBA career, attributing his basketball success to the state of Kentucky, becoming an analyst with the Chicago Bulls, the 2022 NBA Playoffs and more.

11:30 - How did Will come to play basketball in a football and baseball obsessed Florida? Was it just because he ultimately became the tallest in his grade?

17:00 - Thanks to his late growth spurt, Will discussed how he became consumed with basketball, progressed through high school and ended up at Vanderbilt University.

35:30 - Will attributes part of his success to the state of Kentucky, and he mentions how nationally, its perception doesn't match what he's come to learn about the great people there.

35:00 - Rex and Will trade stories of when they realized that basketball can be easy and fun, but if they wanted to be their best they needed to be all in. Iron sharpens iron and they both recognized they needed to be better players.

43:10 - Will discusses when he joined the Chicago Bulls and how he had to work on his game, and his relationship with Michael Jordan.

49:50 - While fostering a relationship with MJ took time and sweat equity, Will mentions he was fortunate to have Bill Cartwright, BJ Armstrong and other players who helped him become a pro.

57:00 - Time and time again, Will was presented with a challenge to be a better player and he had to do everything he could to make sure he could reach those heights.

1:03:30 - Who wins this year's NBA Finals according to Will Perdue? Is it one of the teams out of the East or Rex's Suns? 

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