Three-time NBA champion B.J. Armstrong on playing with Michael Jordan and the Bulls dynasty
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by 3x NBA Champion BJ Armstrong, who still keeps himself a part of the game as an agent and broadcaster. What did he take from his time with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls that he still keeps with him to this day? 7:30 - BJ goes back to growing up in Detroit, MI and what it meant to be a fan of the Detroit Pistons. Even when he came to town with the Bulls, his parents were rooting for the Bad Boy Pistons to win. Being an underdog was something you embraced and wore with honor. 12:00 - Rex, BJ and Josh all commiserate over the early exits for both Kentucky and Iowa from the NCAA Tournament. 13:45 - With so many iconic players coming from Michigan, BJ never thought he was as good as Magic Johnson or George Gervin, so he never thought he was special, but he just wanted to prove himself on the court. 17:00 - After being turned away by Michigan and Michigan State, BJ brought the same drive and competitiveness to Iowa City, and was able to establish himself as one of the Iowa greats. 20:30 - BJ gives Rex some credit for the way he played, and what a perfect fit he would have been in today's modern NBA. If Rex compared BJ to CJ McCollum, who does BJ think plays the most like Rex? 26:00 - What is it about the playoffs where the game gets back to the fundamentals? You've already seen this postseason that it comes down to defending, rebounding and passing the ball. 29:30 - BJ's "Welcome To The NBA" moment didn't even happen on the court. There was a bit of an adjustment to traveling in and out of Chicago O'Hare airport. 34:40 - The Brooklyn Nets collapse against Boston makes us want to point the finger and figure out who to blame. Kevin Durant would admit he didn't play well, and not having Kyrie Irving or Ben Simmons consistently made it hard for everyone to get on the same page. 39:30 - What is it about today's game where guys aren't going to suit up unless they are 100% available? Wilt Chamberlain played in Converse Cons, Rex and BJ flew charter, so what is happening to players today where they can't or won't perform? 44:30 - The biggest change BJ has seen from his time in the league to now covering the league is how everything happens in real time. Whether it's Woj Bombs or other pieces of NBA reporting, you have to react to social media as it happens in the moment.  45:00 - As an agent, BJ has to advise his players, but at the same time allow them to be themselves. He can see the effects of what time spent online can do to them. There are a number of business decisions every player has to make as they get to the NBA and it doesn't work for everyone. 49:00 - Compared to a "Welcome To The NBA" moment, BJ talks about his "Welcome To Michael" moment, and what it was about Jordan that separated him from the rest of the NBA as a competitor. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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