NBA All-Star Kenny Anderson talks NBA career, New York legacy, life after basketball
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by Mr Chibbs himself, Kenny Anderson. One of the most celebrated high school players there ever was, and now the Head Coach at Fisk University, Kenny has always been dedicated to basketball and it has taken him a long way from Queens. Since finishing his NBA career, the story of Mr. Chibbs has been celebrated for both the basketball success as well as dark moments that have made him the person he is today. 2:00 - NBA Playoff Preview 17:00 - While Rex was connected to Kenny through their mutual friend Sam Bowie, Rex asks Josh, when was the first time he had heard of Kenny Anderson? 20:00 - What was it like being the number one basketball player in the country? Without social media, Kenny talked about being in every newspaper and magazine and word traveled fast outside of New York City. 24:00 - How Bobby Cremins was able to convince Kenny, and his mother, to go to Georgia Tech and why it was such a great fit for him. 27:30 - Rex and Kenny reflect on how the NBA has changed since they played, with the emphasis on handle, pick and roll and 3-point shooting. Kenny calls it like it is, it's a softer game since he played. 30:00 - How Kenny is trying to change the culture of Fisk Basketball, and he really feels like he belongs at a small school that has been known historically for its academics. 31:30 - Kenny admits he had to harbor the darkness in his life because he was focused on basketball and for providing for his mother. 35:00 - His infamous "Welcome to the NBA" moment was in his rookie season with the Nets. He had been riding the bench after being the best player every time the ball was tipped since he was 15 years old. 38:00 - How Kenny has been taking care of himself in the last couple years since suffering a stroke. After feeling scared and vulnerable, he knew he had to make a few positive changes and put a fresh perspective on his life. 40:30 - How tough of a decision it was for Kenny to leave Georgia Tech after just two seasons. Playing with Dennis Scott and Brian Oliver, and making the Final Four in his freshman year, Kenny said it was some of the best times in his life. 43:30 - What is next for Kenny as he's transitioned into the next phase of his life. It's so important for him to have these kids as an outlet to share his story and his passion for the game of basketball. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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