Eddie Johnson on life in the NBA, second career in broadcasting, Suns championship hopes
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by one of the best bench scorers in NBA History, Eddie Johnson. After a storied career in the NBA, Eddie discusses his broadcasting success both for the Phoenix Suns and how it all came from his humble beginnings from inner-city Chicago. 5:45 - Eddie explains how his Twitter got hacked, and warns the guys how to avoid online scams. Above all, don't be dumb and don't be greedy. 9:30 - Part of why Eddie struggled to get his Twitter account back is because he is still getting confused for Eddie L Johnson. 13:00 - Rex describes what it was like facing Eddie Johnson in games, and one of his favorite "Welcome To The NBA" moments. 15:30 - Known as a scorer, Eddie pushes back on his reputation as a guy that didn't play defense. Eddie's own "Welcome To The NBA" moment came when Larry Bird went right at him. 22:00 - Growing up in Chicago, playing sports was about surviving the inner-city. You had to develop a reputation that you were not going to get involved in drugs, and like Isiah Thomas and Mark Aguirre, Eddie was focused on basketball. 23:30 - Eddie details the first time he met Isiah Thomas and the first time they played one-on-one. Then later on, Mark Aguirre joined Eddie at Westinghouse, and they had one of the best high school teams, going 29-0. 30:15 - It wasn't until his junior year at Illinois where Eddie realized he might be ready for the NBA, and he said that helped him prepare for his future, and even turned down law school to pursue the NBA. 36:00 - The level of professionalism Eddie had for the sport of basketball transferred to helping others, and even giving Rex advice on his jump shot. The NBA is a fraternity. 43:15 - In the last few years, Eddie credits the hiring of James Johnson and Monty Williams plus the addition of Chris Paul has completely transformed the Suns into an NBA Finals contender. 47:40 - The Suns knew they had a star in Devin Booker from the moment he joined the NBA from Kentucky. He's committed, he's determined and despite his success he continues to want to get better.  56:00 - Eddie talks about his year in Charlotte and his first run in with a young Stephen Curry. Even in 1994, Eddie saw what Steph was capable of shooting the basketball. 1:03:00 - Eddie gives Milwaukee the nod over the Nets as the best team in the Eastern Conference. He's dug in on the fact that as long as Kyrie Irving is a part-time player, that team is not all-in on a Championship. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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