Former NBA coach Stan Van Gundy on Heat Culture, battles with Jeff, vaccination protocols, more

On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by coaching icon Stan Van Gundy! The former college and NBA coach has a storied career over four decades and has been instrumental for the league both on and off the floor. SVG is thrilled to talk about coaching some of the great players in the NBA (including Rex Chapman)! Time-stamps are below!

10:00 - Rex takes a trip down memory lane to Stan's first year in the NBA, in Miami with Rex! Stan says Rex's epic night against the Chicago Bulls is one moment he'll never forget.

15:30 - The Heat Culture was built on the broad shoulders of Rex and Stan.

18:00 - At what age did Stan fall in love with basketball, and how did his father and kid brother Jeff have an influence on becoming a coach?

22:30 - The competitive battles between the Van Gundy brothers weren't limited to just basketball and broadcasting. There was another sport that Stan just couldn't handle losing at.

25:00 - Heading into the NBA season, Stan says San Francisco and the two New York teams are going to force what many believe is a personal issue in terms of getting vaccinated. Missing 41 home games makes it a collective responsibility for a team to be vaccinated.

29:00 - The impact Oscar Robertson had on Stan, how that was HIS guy growing up, and finally getting to be able to see him play in Omaha with the Kansas City Kings.

41:00 - Stan discusses the players and coaches who had the biggest impact on his coaching career. Stan goes back to his first year with Rex in Miami, where the NBA was a whole new animal for him.

48:00 - Anyone can coach. What players are looking for is the assurance you care about them and care about reaching their goals of becoming a better player and individual.

54:30 - In the last three decades of coaching, is there anyone like Zion Williamson? Stan details how disappointing it is to no longer be able to work with the Pelicans' budding superstars. There were countless "Oh Sh*t" moments where Zion just amazed the entire coaching staff.

1:01:30 - Lonzo Ball made leaps and bounds as both a player and a professional. Stan is so excited to see him in Chicago for the upcoming season.

1:04:00 - With Stan opening this season broadcasting for TNT, he won't fully shut the door on coaching again but understands that hiring a 62-year-old isn't exactly the direction the NBA is headed.

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