Jimmy Jackson talks playing 12 years in the NBA, excelling as a broadcaster, more
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by Jimmy Jackson, the 14-Year NBA Veteran with 12 teams and incredibly talented broadcaster. Rex admits some stories about Jimmy he's never been able to say out loud, like how he got beaten down so bad one night head-to-head. 7:30 - When did Jimmy Jackson recognize that he was so talented on Television?  13:30 - Being able to call some of his son's games, and having Traevon join him on the Big Ten set was something he'll cherish forever. 16:00 - After Josh saw Jimmy at Rupp Arena while he was in college, Jim says he remembers when Rex was a star in that building. 17:00 - Jim Jackson grew up playing football and didn't play with an organized team until the 6th grade. It wasn't until he played point guard for the first time, he switched to basketball. 19:00 After starting on the varsity team his freshman year, he caught the basketball bug, and had to combat older players on the team who didn't want to see a younger kid taking his spot. 23:30 - Drawing his own comparisons to Rex playing for his hometown team, the pressure wasn't the same at Ohio State like Rex had to deal with at Kentucky. 26:30 - How hard it was losing to The Fab Five in the Elite 8 after they swept them in the regular season. While Traevon went to a National Championship his Dad wished he just could have reached the Final Four. 29:30 - Rex's Jim Jackson story: After coming back with a taped thumb, Rex says it was the worst beatdown he ever took on defense. How many did Jimmy score on Rex that night in Washington? 34:00 - How hard it was battling his knee injury that made him have to completely change his game. Being a well-rounded player extended both Jim Jackson and Rex Chapman's careers. 36:30 - The Three J's Never played a full season together, and in his 5 Years he had 3 Coaches and 3 Owners. Jason Kidd made both him and Jamal Mashburn better players. 41:00 - Jim recognized the business of the NBA and that was a huge adjustment from when he went from team to team, and continued to play as a professional. 45:00 - Jim Jackson is the only player whose "Welcome to the NBA" moment happened when he wasn't on the court. The Dallas Mavericks didn't want to pay him as the 4th overall pick. 51:30 - The Better Big Three between the Lakers and Nets. Is the better duo LeBron and Russ or is it KD and Harden? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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