Pittsburgh's Jeff Capel on being a coach's kid, playing at Duke, becoming a coach himself, more
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by Pitt Basketball coach and Duke legend, Jeff Capel. From being a coach's kid to chasing his dreams of playing professional basketball, Jeff forged his own path to being one of the most respected coaches in the NCAA. 5:00 - How difficult it's been for a college basketball program to navigate this pandemic, and never getting used to playing in empty arenas. 10:00 - How Jeff fell in love with basketball and what he might be doing if he wasn't spending his life coaching? 12:30 - Rex admits when he first heard of a Coach's kid entering Duke, he expected a white guy. Jeff discusses his father's path. 17:30 - How will Name, Image and Likeness change the scope of college athletics. 30:30 - How hard it must be for a college coach, but Jeff is embracing the challenges that come from the transfer portal, NIL and the pandemic. 32:30 - Rex marvels at how Coach Mike Krzyzewski has adapted throughout the different eras of the Duke program. 37:00 - How Jeff caught the Coach's bug from his father, and had to tune out the noise and distractions that came with being named the youngest Head Coach in the NCAA. 48:00 - Jeff's rocky start at Oklahoma with his top players de-committing, and how he rebounded by being able to recruit Blake Griffin to change the program. 53:00 - While he knew he was a good coach, Jeff felt rejoining the Blue Devils as an assistant for Coach K made him a great coach and someone capable of leading a program. 58:30 - After going to Rio in 2016, the former Team USA coach believes this team in Tokyo is being unfairly criticized because there just wasn't the same amount of time for preparation, and you can't just show up and beat everyone anymore. 1:06.30 - What was it like being the first former player to beat Coach K as a Head Coach? Jeff relayed that Coach K was the first former player to beat Bobby Knight as a Head Coach. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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