JJ Redick on his storied Duke career, NBA longevity, becoming a podcaster
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman show, the guys are joined by JJ Redick. One of the most prolific 3-Point shooters in NBA history, JJ has a ton of stories from playing in the league and podcasting. The first Dukie on the show and the guys couldn't have found a better one in JJ. 01:00 - Rex is court side for each Finals game. Game 4 preview 12:00 - JJ Redick, one of the most experienced podcasters, gives some advice to Rex and Josh about what it takes to make something special. 15:30 - JJ describes where he was mentally after his sophomore season at Duke, and the impact of meeting Rex Chapman for the first time. 17:30 - After retiring at age 32, Rex had to ask JJ how much basketball he has left in him now at 37 years old. 20:30 - Redick is amazed at the career milestones he's made becoming one of the greatest 3-point shooters in NBA History. After 15 years in the league, JJ understood that you have to love the game of basketball to make it in the league this long. 23:00 - How JJ contributed to NBA discourse with his own podcast, and the issues both he and Rex have with how the sport is covered today in the hot take culture. 30:0 - When did JJ Redick know he had special hand-eye coordination? It might have been when his father gave him a hammer and nails at 2 years old. It wasn't until the 8th grade when his height caught up with the rest of his skillset. 35:30 - He chose basketball, especially after Coach K had some choice words for him to improve. 42:30 - How this season in particular with COVID guidelines made it hard for a creature of habit like JJ Redick. Routine is really important for guys that want to be in a sense of control. 50:00 - How JJ nearly left Duke after his Junior year, but ultimately decided to stay for his senior year. 53:00 - How JJ Redick embraced being the prototypical "Duke Villain" and why it wasn't a good fit for everyone cast in that role. 59:30 - JJ talks about the parity of Bucks-Suns and makes his pick for the NBA Finals. It's hard to pick against two of his best friends, Chris Paul and Jrue Holiday. 1:04:30 - How JJ Redick played a huge part of the next wave of the modern NBA where 3-pointers became the focal point of every offense. 1:09:30 - How difficult this season was playing in empty arenas and being hurt when the Mavericks were in the playoffs with a full crowd. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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