Previewing 2021 NBA Finals, talk with Suns GM James Jones, NIL ruling in NCAA
Rex and Josh Preview the NBA Finals, Suns GM James Jones On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Podcast with Josh Hopkins, the guys countdown the Bucks and Rex's Suns in the NBA Finals! Who would have thought the Suns and Bucks were on a collision course? Seems like Suns GM James Jones knew all along when he spoke with the guys earlier on the podcast. Some comments from James Jones and who the guys pick for the NBA Finals on this special episode. 2:00 - How injuries have dominated the NBA Playoffs, and where the Bucks are with Giannis Antetokounmpo's hyperextended knee. 5:00 - How can the rest of the Bucks step up in Giannis's absence, at least for the early part of the Finals? 7:30 - Rex details his gameday prep ahead of the NBA Finals, with Game 1 tipping off in Phoenix. 10:00 - It's not just Chris Paul's addition that helped put the Suns over the top, but Jae Crowder has been so important for the Suns' culture. 11:30 - Just a couple Kentucky guys geeking out over Devin Booker. 15:00 - Name, Image and Likeness changing college athletics and every school seems to be making their own set of rules for student athletes. 24:00 - The guys circle back to their previous conversation with Suns GM James Jones, now more relevant than ever with Phoenix in the NBA Finals. 28:00 - The Acquisition of Chris Paul and how the Phoenix Suns ascended to the top team in the Western Conference. 33:30 - It's not just the veteran guys like CP3 and Jae Crowder coming in, but there's been serious growth from a number of the younger players like DeAndre Ayton, Mikal Bridges, Jalen Smith and many others. 36:00 - How Devin Booker has grown as a leader thanks to the arrival of Chris Paul, and how they take care of each other especially those crucial moments late in games. 39:00 - After being called the greatest teammate LeBron James has ever had, how does Jones evaluate talent and build a team that is good enough to win a championship? How does he look for great teammates that care about winning and care about their teammates having success as well. 40:30 - How genuine Robert Sarver has been about winning, and how he wants to keep pushing the team to do more, and take that next step towards being a championship contender. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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