Vernon Maxwell on winning back-to-back titles in Houston, NBA longevity, more
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by 2x NBA Champion Vernon Maxwell, who first faced off against Rex in college when Florida met Kentucky. After winning back to back championships with the Rockets, Vernon details what went into both his physical and mental preparation that kept him in the league for over a dozen seasons. You can follow Vernon Maxwell on Twitter and Instagram 5:00 - Rex said Vernon Maxwell was the first player he ever went against that really made him go "Oh Shit" when they first faced off in the SEC. 7:10 - How did Vernon Maxwell become the answer for so many players when asked who they hated going up against? 10:30 - Vernon learned he was faster than everyone else when playing football. He admits he was running scared from people before recognizing he was just that athletic. 17:30 - How competitive were those SEC Battles both between Kentucky and Florida? 23:30 - If Vernon Maxwell got under so many people's skin, then who were the guys Mad Max never looked forward to facing? 28:40 - Maxwell defends his tweets making fun of the state of Utah 35:30 - How Mad Max was pushed over the edge by one particular heckler in Portland. 39:00 - How Steve Nash took one look at Vernon Maxwell when they were both in Dallas, and made the snap decision to dedicate himself to healthy eating, and becoming a better basketball player. 41:45 - The falling out with Houston after Clyde Drexler was acquired in the middle of Maxwell's 10-game suspension for the incident in Portland. 47:15 - Why is Vernon Maxwell still mad at Gary Payton after they played together in Seattle? 52:30 - Vernon's All-time Walk-the-walk team. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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