Steve Kerr talks MJ, Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich's influence, Steph's greatness
On the latest episode of the Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins, the guys are joined by Warriors head coach Steve Kerr. Kerr had a storied playing career and is now one of the best coaches in the NBA. Steve reflects on his 8 NBA Championships, and what he's learned from playing for some of the best coaches in basketball: Lute Olson, Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich.

7:20 - Steve's outlook on the Warriors' 2020-21 season and what's next as this team develops for the future. This might have been Steph Curry's most impressive season.

10:30 - The evolution of the NBA, and how Steve watched the league go from five three-pointers a game, to some players taking five in a single quarter.

12:30 - When Steve discovered he was one of the best athletes, playing every sport and dominating the other kids, from the age of 8 or 9 all the way through high school.

17:30 - Steve and Rex share the first time they met at a Team USA workout, and how they both were impressed with their own brand of basketball: the high-flying Rex Chapman vs. the steady, consistent shooting of Steve Kerr.

21:30 - Steve discusses his upbringing, splitting time overseas and in Los Angeles, and the impact his father had on him.

27:30 - How Steve Kerr ended up at Arizona to play for Lute Olson, especially after getting steamrolled by John Stockton on a visit to Gonzaga.

34:00 - Steve on his Spurs career with Pop and Tim Duncan.

36:30 - On the other hand, there was zero humility when it came to Michael Jordan.

43:00 - The evolution of the NBA has gone too far in one direction.

48:20 - Steve's thoughts on the NBA Playoffs and if Kevin Durant and the Nets are likely headed to the NBA Finals. 

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