Muggsy Bogues on whether he belongs in Hall of Fame, his NBA career, wrestling
On the latest episode of The Rex Chapman Show, Rex and Josh Hopkins are joined by Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues, who Rex demands should be a Hall of Famer. Could Muggsy have made it out of Baltimore wrestling if not for hoops? And following an incredible career at Dunbar, Wake Forest and in the NBA, Muggs proves heart over height. You can follow Muggsy Bogues on Twitter and Instagram 6:00 - How did Rex and Muggsy become such fast friends despite completely different upbringings in Owensboro, KY and Baltimore, MD? 10:30 - How accurate was "The Wire's" depiction of inner-city Baltimore where Muggsy grew up? 15:00 - When did Muggsy realize he was a special athlete despite his size, and how he gravitated to basketball. 18:30 - Attending Dunbar and playing on the greatest high school team ever, 28:30 - How Muggsy was never intimidated entering the NBA despite being more than a foot shorter than the average player. 38:40 - The best players to come out of Baltimore that Muggsy didn't play with at Dunbar. 41:20 - Muggsy's favorite point guards in the NBA right now, and how Dame Time against Denver would have never happened if Muggsy was guarding him. 42:40 - How Muggsy scouted his opponents and learned their tendencies to become an incredible defender. Rex admits it helped him become a better player. 48:00 - Wait... Rex was supposed to be in Space Jam? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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