76ers CEO Scott O'Neal on this year's team, what his job entails, his new book
On this episode of The Rex Chapman Show, Rex and Josh Hopkins are joined by Philadelphia 76ers CEO Scott O'Neil. We find out just what the CEO of an NBA organization does, discuss this talented Sixers squad, go in-depth on his new book "Be Where Your Feet Are" (which is out now) and Rex answers some questions from Scott. 

06:00 - Scott on his start in basketball

13:30 - The day-to-day life of an NBA CEO

17:00 - The 76ers' rise back to the top of the East and going through "The Process"

19:00 - What inspired "Be Where Your Feet Are"

23:00 - What qualities does he look for when bringing people in to his company?

32:00 - Kevin Garnett vs. cell phones

35:00 - Scott turns the tables to question Rex

37:00 - Josh's God-given inbounding abilities

39:00 - Lessons he learned from David Stern

49:00 - Solving the great divide that exists in the country currently 

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