The Rex Chapman Show: Jamal Crawford on NBA playoffs, if he can still play, his handles

On this episode of The Rex Chapman Show, Rex and Josh Hopkins talk with one of the all time greatest ball-handlers, Jamal Crawford, on whether he could still play, who could go on a playoff run, and who Jamal would take on an all-time "Filthy 5" team. Jamal tells Josh and Rex that his 10 best moves haven't even been used in a game, but he's got a few of them on tape! The Rex Chapman Show is powered by and produced by NC Podcasts.

02:15: Jamal on being a great handler

05:00: Allen Iverson being one of his main on-court inspirations & his killer Left-To-Right crossover

08:00: The generation after Rex became more creative with handling

11:00: Playing with Jay Williams in the same backcourt, and his switch to SG

13:30: Impact of a wide wingspan on the defensive game

15:30: Why Seattle produces basketball players -19:00: Seattle not having an NBA team & losing the Supersonics

25:30: Aspirations to be a GM one day

26:00: He still has the itch to go back and play, is starting to enjoy time away from the NBA a little more but he knows he can still play.

29:10: Interests and talents outside of basketball

32:00: Being a troublemaker as a kid and turning it around

36:30: The first guy who busted him up

42:30: Moves he saved but never got to use because he didn't make an All-Star Game.

44:10: NBA Playoffs - Washington is one perimeter scorer away from being really good, Bucks-Heat and Knicks-Hawks will be long series

48:40: Luka Doncic plays as cool as cucumber - bubble story about him being a gamer

51:10: Jamal Crawford's most memorable moves in his mind

53:30: Filthy Five: Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Kobe & MJ

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