All-Star Talk and Weekly Observations
Nekias Duncan and Steve Jones Jr. give their takes on the viability of an All-Star game in March. From there, they give their takes on teams and players that have impressed or disappointed them. Time Stamps: 0:45 - Nekias and Steve discuss the potential All-Star game in March, and if it's a good idea or not. 12:20 - Nekias and Steve discuss what Marcus Smart's injury means to the Boston Celtics. 18:42 - Which team impressed Steve the most? 35:00 - Which team impressed Nekias the most? 55:28 - Which team disappointed Nekias? 1:10:50 - Which players impressed Steve the most? 1:17:55 - Which players impressed Nekias the most? 1:23:00 - Which players disappointed Nekias the most? 1:38:27 - Nekias and Steve discuss the rookies that caught their eyes this week. 1:49:20 - Nekias and Steve answer questions from the mailbag. 2:05:00 -- Nekias and Steve bounce around the league with observations.
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