Examining the Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant saga with Alex Kennedy
On today'e episode of Nothing But Bets, Evan Sidery is joined by Alex Kennedy as the staff writers go over the latest free agency rumblings. What does massive betting movement around Deandre Ayton mean? Will Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving both be leaving the Brooklyn Nets? All of this, plus so much more, in a jam-packed episode! Steph Curry’s record-breaking three-pointer. Jayson Tatum’s buzzer-beating alley-oop. Ja Morant’s poster dunk. NBA Top Shot is where the greatest Moments from NBA history are turned into officially licensed digital collectibles.NBA Top Shot has evolved trading cards by making it easier to buy, sell, and collect by removing the hassle of grading, shoeboxes, and shipping fees.You can buy or sell Moments in a few clicks and access them at any time on your phone or computer. Your collection is always at your fingertips.Start collecting Top Shot Moments in any way you want: collect Rookie Moments from future stars like Evan Mobley and Cade Cunningham, collect throwback Moments from former NBA stars like Shaq and Allen Iverson, or collect Moments from your favorite team to gain access to exclusive perks.Grab your Starter Pack today and Top Shot will give you $20 back to start your collection and pick up some of your favorite Moments in the Marketplace. Go to and get in the game today.
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